Thursday, December 19, 2013

Surface Pro 2 - Issues

I have to say: I've never had to mess with drivers on my iPad.

My Surface Pro 2 on the other hand...

So at the moment I think I've got it fixed, but the CPU has just been working overtime on this thing.  It's killing my battery.

I went over to via a google search for "high cpu load" or something like that.  There were a bunch of folks complaining about the same issue.  Turns out it was a problem with the audio driver.  How was I supposed to know to go to Realtek's site and download their drivers, and not use Microsoft's?  Madness.

This isn't the first driver issue I've had with the thing.  The first one was with the pen, and using wacom's drivers instead of Microsoft's.  More madness.

It's a lot of hassle to get a portable drawing solution working.

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