Sunday, December 8, 2013

Fresh Pickles!

So I'm back trying to revitalize this page and get things moving again.  I have a whole host of stories I've been working on.  Some are in book form, some more comic oriented.  If you check out the page you'll see some of the concepts I've been working on.

I haven't forgotten the Down-time comic, but I haven't put that much work into it recently.  There's an updated image of Dagen, and I'm still in process with the other characters.  The character designs definitely need some freshening up.

The Super-hero comic featuring Astrid, my norse hero, is perking along.  Character concepts are in progress, and I have a couple stories that need a little more fleshing out.

There's also my Sci-fi story, TigerShark Transport Services, which. is. still. evolving.

There are many stories other than this.  I'm hoping to get something to the web soon.  We all know well that's been working out.

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