Monday, January 13, 2014

More Arrow

I've binged my way through most of the first season of Arrow.  It's awesome.  My tv watching disability hasn't killed it too badly for me.  Like any good show, you love it despite it's faults.  They've had their "Smallville" moments, with Arrow and his best friend taking turns angst-ing/mooning over the mutual girlfriend.  It wasn't too excessive (unlike Smallville) and served to create some good tension despite it's cheesy moments.  It also made room for the Original Star Trek "True Love syndrom," where the main character finds some other true love and the writers do away with her (usually this happens for the guy, since female characters aren't allowed to find 'true love' with anyone else, because that would shatter our pre-conceptions about true love, purity, etc., etc.).  But they stretched it over several episodes so it didn't feel like it was cheap or under-developed.
Like I said before.  It's good stuff.

Friday, January 10, 2014


Ok, so I've been binge-watching the first season of Arrow.  This is probably why I've been posting on DeviantArt so much. 8)

I've come to a couple conclusions:
1 - There are no ugly people in Arrow's universe.  Every crook, bystander, thug, police officer, etc. looks like a model.  I like to look at pretty people just as much as the next person.  But they can't get a job on the show, because clearly all the pretty people got in line first.

2 - I've realized that when I do lists I really should have more than one thing I want to talk about.  One thing really isn't a list.

3 - I love how he mows the minions down, but leaves the big bad alive.  Clearly he's doing this to prove he's a good guy. Or something.  It's a batman thing I guess.  Wait.  Batman doesn't kill anyone.  But I suppose if you're using arrows to get the job done it's a little hard to leave people alive.  That doesn't explain all those razor sharp batarangs that I used in the various batman video games.

More comic goodness coming up soon.

Sunday, January 5, 2014

TV Shows...

I don't know if anyone else has this problem, but I have an amazingly hard time watching TV shows. Not because they're poorly written or acted or anything like that.  It's just that when there are emotionally uncomfortable scenes I have a really hard time dealing with it.  If I'm watching at home by myself I'm pausing the show every couple minutes for me to relax and decompress for a minute.  With friends, or my wife, I'm staring at my shoes or just 'away' during the uncomfortable parts.  Awkward shows like sitcoms are almost unwatchable for me.  I can get through a drama with a bit of effort.  Action shows are usually pretty easy. Mostly.

For example: A while back when I watched Dr. Horrible's sing along blog, a show that's maybe 45 minutes all together, it took me around 2 hours to watch it.  It was awesome, but all the pausing and uncomfortableness sucked.  Now I can go back and re-watch it at regular speed without much of a problem.

It makes watching most TV shows kind of sucky.