Monday, January 13, 2014

More Arrow

I've binged my way through most of the first season of Arrow.  It's awesome.  My tv watching disability hasn't killed it too badly for me.  Like any good show, you love it despite it's faults.  They've had their "Smallville" moments, with Arrow and his best friend taking turns angst-ing/mooning over the mutual girlfriend.  It wasn't too excessive (unlike Smallville) and served to create some good tension despite it's cheesy moments.  It also made room for the Original Star Trek "True Love syndrom," where the main character finds some other true love and the writers do away with her (usually this happens for the guy, since female characters aren't allowed to find 'true love' with anyone else, because that would shatter our pre-conceptions about true love, purity, etc., etc.).  But they stretched it over several episodes so it didn't feel like it was cheap or under-developed.
Like I said before.  It's good stuff.

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