Friday, January 10, 2014


Ok, so I've been binge-watching the first season of Arrow.  This is probably why I've been posting on DeviantArt so much. 8)

I've come to a couple conclusions:
1 - There are no ugly people in Arrow's universe.  Every crook, bystander, thug, police officer, etc. looks like a model.  I like to look at pretty people just as much as the next person.  But they can't get a job on the show, because clearly all the pretty people got in line first.

2 - I've realized that when I do lists I really should have more than one thing I want to talk about.  One thing really isn't a list.

3 - I love how he mows the minions down, but leaves the big bad alive.  Clearly he's doing this to prove he's a good guy. Or something.  It's a batman thing I guess.  Wait.  Batman doesn't kill anyone.  But I suppose if you're using arrows to get the job done it's a little hard to leave people alive.  That doesn't explain all those razor sharp batarangs that I used in the various batman video games.

More comic goodness coming up soon.

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